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Can the team repair my 3 year old TV in Whiston?

Yes the knowledgable staff can repair most televisions in Whiston under 6 years old. This is due to the stock of suitable spare parts for the various models and makes of television on the UK market.

Will the staff fix rear projection televisions in Whiston?

The professionals can fix rear projection televisions and home projectors in Whiston and Merseyside (subject to inspection and parts).

What if my telly fault in Whiston cannot be diagnosed onsite?

Although some TV problems can be serviced onsite in Whiston, more difficult issues will require industry workshop equipment or parts ordering. The team will arrange collection and delivery of your TV to a purpose built repair centre covering Merseyside.

I want to buy a part for my TV in Whiston?

The service centres does not sell or buy replacement parts / accessories for television owners in Merseyside. Also if you are not a TV repairer, we highly recommend you do not carry out a DIY repair due to the severe risk of life threatening voltages (even when turned off and unplugged from the mains) and causing additional damage to the TV.

TV Repair Whiston

TV Serv offers a easy to arrange TV repair service to help resolve TV faults in Whiston Merseyside and throughout the UK.

The professional staff could come to your home in Whiston and repair your television. If this isn't possible, collection and delivery to the closest repair centre is provided.

Outstanding customer service for businesses and homeowners as shown by some of the recent testimonials on the page.

Phone the team today or fill in the online form and we will get back to you regarding television repair in Whiston which includes initial diagnosis. A breakdown of costs will be provided once diagnosis is complete.

Please note that TV screen repairs or replacements near Whiston are not offered for screen damage e.g. cracked, smashed, shattered, scratched as they are uneconomical to fix.

TV repair Whiston

Television Repairs Whiston in Merseyside

With the national TV repair scheme the team can repair TVs throughout the UK including Whiston in Merseyside. The network of repair centres in the country has TV repairers that can visit your address in Whiston and repair your television.

A television can be an expensive item to replace which is why the experts offer a cost-effective repair solution for TV problems.

The team can repair most types of television such as LCD, LED, Plasma, 3D and SMART televisions to name but a few examples. A TV repair for Whiston is covered by a warranty, giving you reassurance that the work will be completed to a high standard.

The staff can offer customers in Whiston high quality television repairs for many makes including (but not limited to):

• Samsung
• Sony
• Panasonic
• LG
• Phillips
• Pioneer
• Hitachi
• Sharp
• Sanyo
• Toshiba

A few of TV issues that the technicians have repaired in Whiston are listed below:

• TV image is a strange colour
• TV back light not coming on
• Damaged ports at the back of the TV
• TV making strange noises or no sound at all
• TV has no power
• TV on standby but will not turn on

If you have another TV fault that is not shown above please let the TV repairers know when you are filling in the online form and they will do their best to help with a polite and easy to understand response.

So if you have a problem with your TV, let staff help with TV repair Whiston Merseyside.

Contact the repair centres about television repairs Whiston with the online form or phone. Please make sure to mention the model number where possible. It is normally found with the user manual or on the back of the TV in many of cases.

Recent Enquires

hi i`m in rishton I have a lg and when I go to switch it on the red standby light flashes but it doesn`t come on. I would be gratefull if you could e-mail with a quote to fix this please.


42lg5000intermittent problem the right side of the screen will smudge and discolour over to half way across the screen. left side of the screen is fine. if the tv is moved slightly the picture will occasionally go back to normal.


model le26a456c2dproblem just doesnt turn on even though the red light is on ... checked online and lots of people have the same problem saying its the capacitors.


hi im looking to buy an lg 50pt85 tv but the screen is cracked and wont power up for less than a second. I am just wondering what a quote would be to repair the tv


le32b450 samsung flat screen.when I switch the tv on the channel plays for approx 5 minutes and then starts to flicker and cut out. this happens with all channels. I have reinstalled all channels but still have the same problem. it can play dvds fine.


hello,i have a toshiba 48u7653db which has what I believe to be a backlight problem. the tv will switch on and work for a short period before the screen goes black. I still continue to hear sound.i have notice that one of the backlight leds was growing brighter and then dimming, and that this would repeat. for a period, the tv was still useable so long as I chose the right picture settings (i.e. dynamic would cause it to shut down more rapidly than some of the other modes).but, now this problem is happening this something that you would be able to fix? I assume it is a backlight led strip that needs replacing. if so, roughly how much would this cost? many thanks,adam


at times would not always stay on when switched onnow will not switch on.


hi my tv has sound but the screen is blank but at times lines of colour goes across my screen in lines it seems to work the odd day but then the colur fades n leaves it with a blank screen again would appreciate if you could help thank you.


hi,we have a regza tv with a fault, the power button on the side of will not turn the tv


lines on tv screan


tv on standby but will not turn on. have tried to switch, both on the remote and on/off button, neither regza 32av615db lcd television


no sound from the tv