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Can the staff repair my 4 year old TV in Marcham?

Yes the professional staff can repair most televisions in Marcham under 6 years old. This is due to the availability of high grade replacement parts for the various models and makes of television on the UK market.

Could the staff fix rear projection televisions in Marcham?

The professionals can repair rear projection televisions and home projectors in Marcham and Oxfordshire (subject to inspection and parts).

What if my television problem in Marcham cannot be resolved onsite?

Although some TV issues can be serviced onsite in Marcham, more difficult issues will require specialist workshop equipment or parts ordering. The team will arrange collection and delivery of your TV to a fully fitted repair centre covering Oxfordshire.

I want to purchase a part for my TV in Marcham?

The repair centres does not sell or buy manufacturer parts / accessories for television owners in Oxfordshire. Also if you are not a TV repairer, we highly recommend you do not attempt a DIY repair due to the high risk of life threatening voltages (even when turned off and unplugged from the mains) and causing more damage to the TV.

TV Repair Marcham

TV Serv offers a hassle free TV repair service to help resolve TV problems in Marcham Oxfordshire and throughout the UK.

The professional staff can come to your home in Marcham and repair your television. If this isn't possible, collection and delivery to the nearest repair centre is provided.

First class customer care for commercial and domestic clients as shown by the recent testimonials on the page.

Call the team today or complete the website form and we will get back to you regarding television repair in Marcham which includes initial diagnosis. A estimate will be provided once diagnosis has been completed.

Please note that TV screen repairs or replacements in Marcham cannot be for any screen damage e.g. cracked, smashed, shattered, scratched as they are uneconomical to fix.

TV repair Marcham

Television Repairs Marcham in Oxfordshire

With the nationwide TV repair scheme the team can repair TVs throughout the UK including Marcham in Oxfordshire. The network of repair centres in the UK has TV repairers that can visit your property in Marcham and repair your television.

A television can be an expensive item to replace which is why the professionals offer a affordable repair solution for TV issues.

The team can fix most types of television such as LCD, LED, Plasma, 3D and SMART televisions to name but a few examples. A TV repair for Marcham is covered by a warranty, giving you reassurance that the work will be completed to a high standard.

The staff can offer customers in Marcham high quality television repairs for the majority manufacturers including (but not restricted):

• Toshiba
• Sanyo
• Sharp
• Hitachi
• Pioneer
• Phillips
• LG
• Panasonic
• Sony
• Samsung

A selection of TV faults that the technicians have repaired in Marcham are included below:

• TV image is a strange colour
• TV back light not coming on
• Damaged ports at the back of the TV
• TV making strange noises or no sound at all
• TV has no power
• TV on standby but will not turn on

If you have another TV problem that is not listed above please let the TV repairers know when you are filling in the online form and they will do their best to help with a courteous and knowledgeable response.

So if you have a problem with your TV, let team help with TV repair Marcham Oxfordshire.

Contact the repair centres about television repairs Marcham with the online form or phone. Please make sure to include the model number where possible. It is normally found with the user manual or on the back of the TV in the majority of cases.

Recent Enquires

42lc55 taking longer and longer to come on.probably faulty or leaking capacitors on psu board need replacing. could do with an approx price for fix.


had my 60inch plasma for about 3years ago but about 2weeks ago u put it on standby try to put it back on the standby light goes out and the tv will not switch back on at all but there is still power runing trough the tv


lg32 lcd tv. the picture went completely black then feint coloured lines appeared vertically down it. sound seems to work ok.


my 42 lcd screen has bled? is this something can can be repaired please?


loss of channels on free view


phillips. just stopped working


samsung wont turn on red light just flickers


not sure the model but its not switching on its stuck in stand by mode works fine when its on


jvc unsure of model its a 42 inch about 5 years old. it switches on red light comes on then goes straight back off no power


technicka only half piture


no access to itvremote control erraticnb this is my mothers tv so I am waiting for confirmation of model but it is only 5 years old


bush 22 inch lcd tv dvd combo. when left on stand by overnight or dvd is used when I try and turn it back on it wont come on and the dvd part just makes a funny noise. I have to leave it unplugged for a day or two to get it working again its been happenening for about a year now.