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Can the TV repairers repair my 5 year old TV in Ipswich?

Yes the professional staff can repair most televisions in Ipswich under 6 years old. This is due to the availability of high quality replacement parts for the various models and makes of television on the UK market.

Could the staff repair rear projection televisions in Ipswich?

The professionals can repair rear projection televisions and home projectors in Ipswich and Suffolk (subject to inspection and parts).

What if my television issue in Ipswich cannot be resolved onsite?

Although some TV faults can be serviced onsite in Ipswich, more complicated issues will require specialist workshop equipment or parts ordering. The team will arrange collection and delivery of your TV to a large repair centre covering Suffolk.

I want to purchase a part for my TV in Ipswich?

The repair centres does not sell or buy spare parts / accessories for television owners in Suffolk. Also if you are not a TV repairer, we highly recommend you do not attempt a DIY repair due to the dangerous risk of life threatening voltages (even when turned off and unplugged from the mains) and causing further damage to the TV.

TV Repair Ipswich

TV Serv offers a convenient TV repair service to help resolve TV issues in Ipswich Suffolk and throughout the UK.

The knowledgeable staff could come to your home in Ipswich and repair your television. If this isn't possible, collection and delivery to the closest repair centre is provided.

Fantastic customer service for consumers and trade services as shown by the recent testimonials.

Contact the team today or use the enquiry form and we will get back to you regarding television repair near Ipswich which includes initial diagnosis. A quote will be provided once diagnosis is complete.

Please note that TV screen repairs or replacements near Ipswich are not offered for screen damage e.g. cracked, smashed, shattered, scratched as they are uneconomical to fix.

TV repair Ipswich

Television Repairs Ipswich in Suffolk

With the UK wide TV repair scheme the team can repair TVs throughout the UK including Ipswich in Suffolk. The network of repair centres in the country has TV repairers that can visit your address in Ipswich and repair your television.

A television can be an expensive item to replace which is why the experts offer a competitively priced repair solution for TV faults.

The team can repair most types of television such as LCD, LED, Plasma, 3D and SMART televisions to name but a few examples. A TV repair for Ipswich is covered by a warranty, giving you reassurance that the work will be completed to a high standard.

The staff can offer customers in Ipswich high quality television repairs for most makes including (but not limited to):

• Toshiba
• Sanyo
• Sharp
• Hitachi
• Pioneer
• Phillips
• LG
• Panasonic
• Sony
• Samsung

Some common of TV defects that the technicians have repaired in Ipswich are provided below:

• TV on standby but will not turn on
• TV has no power
• TV making strange noises or no sound at all
• Damaged ports at the back of the TV
• TV back light not coming on
• TV image is a strange colour

If you have another TV fault that is not displayed above please let the TV repairers know when you are filling in the online form and they will do their best to help with a helpful and practical response.

So if you have a problem with your TV, let professionals help with TV repair Ipswich Suffolk.

Contact the repair centres about television repairs Ipswich with the online form or phone. Please make sure to provide the model number where possible. It is normally found with the user manual or on the back of the TV in most of cases.

Recent Enquires

model is 37lt75 za. when the tv is turned on the picture flashes for about 5 mins before it stops and the picture becomes normal. this has been going on for sometime with the length of time the picture flashes getting longer. is it cost effective to repair this or to get a new tv


samsungtv will work the power off after a few min standby light comes back on to be put on need a quote if possible if no answer on pone please leave message


i want 3d tv and 3d blueray allso suround sound setting up cheers


toshibanot seeming to pick up any tv channels when we reboot it nothing seems to be happening. may be connected to aerial although all other tvs in house working


tv keeps turning itself on and off


bush bpdp42hdcrack in screen. external layer of glass not broken crack is underneath but visible. tried switching on for a couple of seconds but it made a horrible noise.


does not turn on told it is the power board


the screen is coming black and green and after sometime it will be running ok .this problem is only when we start the tele and we have to wait for 20 minutes to get the screen at normal.


how much will you charge to replace the screen on a 50 samsung plasma tv


hitachi 42pma500 lcd. tv hs no power.


technika lcd19 919standby light changes to on. then back again. wont display anything unless holding the power button on the tv body. formally worked but turned its volume down on its own. had to turn it onoff repeatedly to work normally again. this would last about 15 mins then repeat problem.


i set the tv to record useing the guild and we can not get the tmier button to go of,we can not chang canal`s tryed to reset and it will not let`s us to this it just looks as it as frozen,please can you tell me if it can be fix`s thank you,geraldine.