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Can the TV repairers repair my 5 year old TV in Birmingham?

Yes the professional staff can repair most televisions in Birmingham under 6 years old. This is due to the availability of high quality replacement parts for the various models and makes of television on the UK market.

Could the staff repair rear projection televisions in Birmingham?

The professionals can service rear projection televisions and home projectors in Birmingham (subject to inspection and parts).

What if my television issue in Birmingham cannot be rectified onsite?

Although some TV faults can be serviced onsite in Birmingham, more complicated issues will require specialist workshop equipment or parts ordering. The team will arrange collection and delivery of your TV to a large repair centre covering Birmingham.

I want to purchase a part for my TV in Birmingham?

The service centres does not sell or buy spare parts / accessories for television owners in Birmingham. Also if you are not a TV repairer, we highly recommend you do not try a DIY repair due to the dangerous risk of life threatening voltages (even when turned off and unplugged from the mains) and causing further damage to the TV.

TV Repair Birmingham

TV Serv offers a convenient TV repair service to help resolve TV faults in Birmingham and throughout the UK.

The knowledgeable staff could come to your home in Birmingham and repair your television. If this isn't possible, collection and delivery to the closest repair centre is provided.

Outstanding customer service for businesses and homeowners as shown by some of the recent testimonials.

Phone the team today or use the enquiry form and we will get back to you regarding television repair near Birmingham which includes initial diagnosis. A quote will be provided once diagnosis is complete.

Please note that TV screen repairs or replacements near Birmingham are not offered for screen damage e.g. cracked, smashed, shattered, scratched as they are uneconomical to fix.

TV repair Birmingham

Television Repairs Birmingham

With the UK wide TV repair scheme the team can repair TVs throughout the UK including Birmingham. The network of repair centres in the country has TV repairers that can visit your address in Birmingham and repair your television.

A television can be an expensive item to replace which is why the experts offer a competitively priced repair solution for TV faults.

The team can repair most types of television such as LCD, LED, Plasma, 3D and SMART televisions to name but a few examples. A TV repair for Birmingham is covered by a warranty, giving you reassurance that the work will be completed to a high standard.

The staff can offer customers in Birmingham high quality television repairs for most makes including (but not limited to):

• Samsung
• Sony
• Panasonic
• LG
• Phillips
• Pioneer
• Hitachi
• Sharp
• Sanyo
• Toshiba

A few of TV problems that the technicians have repaired in Birmingham are shown below:

• TV on standby but will not turn on
• TV has no power
• TV making strange noises or no sound at all
• Damaged ports at the back of the TV
• TV back light not coming on
• TV image is a strange colour

If you have another TV fault that is not shown above please let the TV repairers know when you are filling in the online form and they will do their best to help with a polite and practical response.

So if you have a problem with your TV, let professionals help with TV repair Birmingham.

Contact the repair centres about television repairs Birmingham with the online form or phone. Please make sure to mention the model number where possible. It is normally found with the user manual or on the back of the TV in most of cases.

Recent Enquires

lcd le40m8takes approx 15 to 20 mins to come on.


samsung le40c530standby light is on and when I try and switch the tv on it blinks and the screen lights up for a second and then stays off.


philips lcd32pfl5403d10tv turns on but after a short time the tv clicks and the screen fades as though loss of power but the sound still comes through. turn off then back on works for a short period and then goes off again


no sound hitachi 42€™


i have a umc 32inch lcd tv that has fault in that when switched on standby it will not switch onto green and keeps trying but keeps going from green to standby and saying no signali bought this from comet before they ceased trading and its still under warranty and I need a written quote for the fault and the repair before we can proceed for the credit card company liabily.can you advise if you can do this and cost of giving me the quotethankspaul williams


philips 42pf5520dled comes on but nothing on screen or sound


started by having to keep switching on and off to power up. now won`t power up at all. capacitors?


its actually the built in dvd player thats not working. its my sons bush tv and is not reading the discs. is this fixable thanks


no picture only sound . tv size 47


kdl v x vaulty screen


samsung lcdu can turn tv on but nothing else comes up


unable to switch on with either remote or manual 32lh x years old