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How much will Samsung TV repairs cost?

The cost of Samsung TV repairs is determined by many different factors including the model, screen size and the problem you're have with. Excluding screen and water damage, most Samsung televisions can be repaired at an affordable cost.

The Samsung television has sound but no picture?

A range of variable factors could be causing this such as component failure or calibration issues due to the increasing complexity of Samsung televisions.

The knowledgable TV repairers can repair most TV problems relating to audio or visual quality. Samsung TV repairs can be scheduled throughout the week.

Can Samsung TV repairs be carried out onsite?

Some simple TV faults might be resolved onsite but most a Samsung television repair will need to be carried out at a repair centre which has the necessary equipment.

Samsung TV Repair

If you have a faulty Samsung TV and are or anywhere in the country, the team will be able to help. They offer affordable TV repairs for most Samsung models on the market today.

Each completed Samsung TV repair comes with a post repair warranty. Only top grade parts are used for a high quality and resilient television repair service.

Collection and delivery of TV will be arranged from your premises to the purpose workshops.

Each completed Samsung TV repair is fully faulted tested for added peace of mind as your safety comes first (dangerous voltages are present even in turned off televisions, thus DIY repairs are never recommended!).

To organise your Samsung television repair, simply fill in the online form and the customer service advisers shall contact you back promptly. You may also contact the repair centre with the number displayed.

Samsung TV screens are not repaired or replaced, as it is uneconomical to do so.

Samsung TV repair

Samsung Television Repair

TV Serv offers professional Samsung TV repairs.

The team repair most types of Samsung television such as:

• Plasma
• 3D

The independent TV repairers have access to appropriate TV parts to help deal with the majority of Samsung television repairs at the fully fitted workshop which has the necessary equipment for a professional and long lasting TV repair.

Some of the common problems with Samsung televisions include:

• Not turning on
• Making strange noises
• Backlight is not working
• TV stuck on standby mode
• Damaged ports or connections
• No picture
• No sound
• Not supported mode

These are just some of the issues with Samsung televisions that can be repaired at a reasonable price in most cases (the alternative is buying a pricey new TV and spending time finding it and learning the new controls).

All of the Samsung TV repairs are covered by a warranty giving you peace of mind. The staff will keep you informed regarding the state of your TV repair.

To request your Samsung television repair, simply complete the Samsung form for a swift response by phone or email from the TV repairers during working hours.

Recent Enquires

samsung tv keeps switching on and off wont come on.


hi I have a samsung plasma tv which is clicking as if attempting to turn on but will not actually turn on. I have contacted argos from whom I bought the tv 2 12 years ago. they have agreed to compensate me provided I can furnish them with an independent report indicating a manufacturing defect. can you provide a detailed technicalengineering reportthank you.


samsung 42 inch lcd tele model le40r74 approx 6 yrs old problem when switch on continuos clicking noise nothing happens no picture can u help plz


him my samsung 47in flat screen has power but wont switch on, I can hear the tv making a clicking sound what it did when the picture came on, it still makes the sound but no picture, I would just like a quote for someone to come look at it thanks


ive got a samsung tv and for the last couple of weeks the picture goes black but there is still sound. if you turn it on and off it works again. it sometimes does it every few minutes and other times not for days on end. my question is can it be repaired and if so roughly how much is it going to costthanks


the picture on my 40 inch samsung le40m87bdxxeu tv prchased in january x breaks up into coloured vertical lines when I switch it on or shortly thereafter. I can only get a stable picture when I switch it off then back on and usually I have to do this several times before I get a stable picture. even then it may break up again later. I have replaced the aerial wire and reconnected it with and without the sky magic eye but the problem remains. I have had the problem but only very occasionally over about a year now but over the last couple of week it has deteriorated such that it now takes 15 minutes or so of switching on and off to get a picture. grateful for advice andor repair.


hi I dropped my samsung flat screen tv. looks fine when off not broken at all but is obviously broken when turned on. got a few photos do you have an email address I can send them tothanks


samsung ue48h6400. unit has cracked screen and would like to know cost of replacement if possible . could you send me quote via email please .


samsung 46 inch. tv wont turn on I think its bad capasitors




samsungwont turn on clicks for a few seconds


samsung ue32d4003bw powers up on standby but will not switch on. standby light flashes 3 times then once continually.