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Should I replace or service my Philips TV?

A frequently asked questions by customers that the team have replied to. In the first instance it does not benefit the staff to charge an excessive price for Philips television repairs as customer service and repeat business is very important to the TV repairers - this is reflected by the recent testimonials. Secondly a honest opinion will always be provided on if a Philips TV repair is economical to repair which takes into account age and replacement cost.

Do Philips TV repairs get supplied with a warranty?

Yes, all successful Philips TV repairs come with a warranty covering parts fitted. If your television is still under warranty and the problem is not caused by accidental damage, please get in touch with Philips directly.

What spare parts are sourced for Philips TV repair ?

The TV repairers will only source and fit high quality parts for Philip TV repair.

Philips TV Repairs

Philips TV repair for accidental damage is easy to resolve, thanks to who can get you in touch with a established network of TV repairers offering affordable television repair services.

Getting Philips TV repairs is often much more affordable than purchasing a new television and if you have insurance, why pay the excess and face higher premiums in the future?

The able staff keep up to date with the up to date television trends which means they are able to repair the newest Philip TVs including Plasma, SMART, 3D and LED (subject to parts being obtainable).

To arrange Philips TV repairs , simply fill in the online form provided.

Broken Philips TV screens are uneconomical to repair or replace.

Philips TV repair

Philips Television Repairs

Philips TV repair by experienced TV repairers covering your local area.

The team take a high quality approach to TV repairs and servicing. They have been in the TV repair industry for quite some time and they always aim for professional results.

Some of the Philips TV models repaired by include:

• 9000 series
• 8000 series
• 6100 series
• 6000 series
• 5000 series
• 4200 series
• 3200 series

Almost any Philips TV can be repaired (subject to parts being acquirable, so make sure to include your model number.

Some of the issues with Philips television include:

• Randomly switching on and off
• Sound but no picture
• Picture but no sound
• Not turning on
• Stuck on standby mode
• Flickering image

These are just some of the faults with Panasonic televisions which can be repaired at an affordable cost from the TV repairers.

Each Philips TV repair is carried out to a high standard and a warranty is included for additional peace of mind.

Philips TV repair are offered for individuals and businesses looking for professional repair services.

Arranging could not be easier - all you are required to do is use the online form provided for a fast response back. Alternatively please contact with the friendly staff with the phone number provided.

Recent Enquires

phillips 28old typewill not switch on


phillips 47 pfl7603d10 lcd tvafter tv is switched on for few hours it cut off itself the screen is black out no visual but sound remainds is it tempeture too hotcan you also repair the amberlights on both side at near . thank you


phillips wont power up... green led just blinks twice.


phillips 42 plasma on off switch not working


phillips 37 inch lcddelay in swithing from one chanel to another but not always


on off switch appears to have come off spring.. and now not in position. unable to switch on. phillips lcd tv


hi, I have 37inch phillips lcd tv. problem in turning on. tries turning on but goes off before properly turn on. repeats this process and after sometime, it turns on properly. sometimes the problem is gone for few days and then suddenly it comes back. I believe that the problem is with the software as tv goes into safe mode after several unsuccessful attempts.


phillips. need to make several attempts to switch it on. it needs several times before it connects.