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My LG TV in Liverpool is not turning on?

A faulty power supply and more specifically the resistors is a frequent reason for this issue. Untrained personnel should not have a go at repair due to the high voltage components. The TV repairers offer LG TV repairs Liverpool for this issue and more.

How much does LG TV repair Liverpool cost?

It depends upon the model, age, type of fault and availability of suitable parts for LG TV repair Liverpool by collection and delivery to a modern workshop. An accurate quote is provided upon initial inspection.

Does the workshop sell or buy LG televisions from Liverpool?

The team does not buy or sell LG TVs or spare parts.

This ensures quality control and allows the team to focus on offering affordable and reliable television repairs for Liverpool.

LG TV Repairs Liverpool

Effective LG TV repairs Liverpool, Liverpool and the whole of the UK. Collection and delivery of your broken LG television in Liverpool will be arranged at a time to fit around your busy schedule.

Once your TV has been collected it will transported to a large service centre where TV repairers will effectively identify and repair your LG TV problem. The staff are very knowledgeable and they are delighted to answer any issues that you might have.

Book your LG TV repair for Liverpool by using the online form and the team will get back to you regarding LG television repair Liverpool. Alternative please phone the UK based repair centre today.

Customers should be aware that a broken LG TV screen in Liverpool is not worth repairing or replacing.

LG TV repair Liverpool

LG Television Repairs Liverpool

Do you have a fault with your LG TV in Liverpool?

The staff offer a quick, cost effective solution to getting your LG TV in Liverpool repaired. The television is picked up from your address and transported to a fully fitted service centre covering Liverpool.

This ensures an accurate diagnosis of your television problem can be undertaken alongside a professional TV repair using modern repair equipment and compatible parts where needed.

The TV repairers cover most LG TV types including:

• 3D
• Plasma
• 4K

Most LG TV models can be fixed (subject to parts being available and the age of the TV set).

Common LG TV problems repaired by the staff for domestic and commercial clients in Liverpool include:

• No sound or picture
• Buttons not working
• Buzzing or clicking sound
• Blinking lights
• Stuck on standby mode
• No hdmi signal
• Not turning on
• Switching on and off
• LG TV not connecting to internet

These are just some of the problems with LG televisions that can be repaired at a low cost. A warranty covering parts replaced is included as well.

Get your LG TV fixed by the professionals. All you have to do is complete the LG form with your contact details and a short summary of the TV fault. The customer service advisers shall get back to you shortly with more information about getting your LG TV in Liverpool repaired.

Recent Enquires

lg 42 42lc46recently the tv shows the red standby light but when I turn it on via remote or tv switch the red light goes off and nothing. the light will reappear between 1 to 15 minutes. again the red led comes on but more than likely it will go off again.after a few cycles the green light will flash the the tv turns on.also hdmi 1 socket wont work. I believe its the mainboard capacitor as I can see with a torch it leaking and looked online. I also have a samsung 32 tv which comes on but between 30 minutes to a few hours it goes off and comes back on. it repeats this again and again. I opened this one and can see 2 capacitors leaking. I would prefer a professional repair than me get the capacitors from msplins and solder them on.many thanksjames




lg50i think that the fault is a capasitor in the power unitwhen the tv is cold it takes a long time for the red light to turn to green and stay on. just keeps flicking on and off but then eventually will stay on with sound only. after a minute or so if it is trned off and then on again all is fine


42inch lg tv takes ages to turn on


my lg 50pk350 wont turn on. when the power button on the remote is pressed the red stand by light on the tv goes out and the tv attempts to turn on. it then seems to reset and turns off again after less than a second screen brightens up from black to grey but no actual picture appears. it then repeats this twice before becoming idle again with the red stand by light back on. this repeats itself whenever I press the power button again.i have tried unplugging the tv and leaving it for a while but this doesnt help. even the red standby light stays on even though no power is going into the tv


lg flatron m227wdp wont turn on.


42 lg tv made a pop and went off. have changed fuse and tried multiple plug sockets but no power whatsoever.


hii have a lg 50ps3000 tv bought about 3 years ago. until recently it has been working without fault then suddenly the picture become grainy with bad colour. it could be either the z or y sustain board.i have tried all the white wash colour wash reset checked all leads etc but no luck.is this something that can be fixed. I live in hamble and can bring the tv over this saturday if possible.do you have a charge for looking fault finding before and if it can be repaired.




lg tv switch power on tv wont come on for ages . light flashes on and off sometimes then comes on .tv never comes on straight away.


lg lcd power goes on but no light on the screen


lg42lw450u zb.since a thunderstorm this afternoon I think a power surge busted the tv capacitors. when I turn it on the standby red led flashes for a few seconds and then turns blue but the display remains off. I have left it unplugged and still getting the same result. what would be an estimate for this repair