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My LG TV in Dursley is taking ages to switch on?

A faulty power supply and more specifically the resistors is a common reason for this fault. Untrained personnel should not try repair due to the high voltage components. The professionals offer Dursley LG TV repairs for this issue and more.

How much will LG TV repair Dursley cost?

It depends upon the model, age, type of problem and availability of replacement parts for LG TV repair Dursley in Gloucestershire by collection and delivery to a fully fitted workshop. An accurate estimate is supplied upon initial inspection.

Does the service centre sell or buy LG televisions from Dursley?

The team does not buy or sell LG TVs or replacement parts.

This ensures quality control and allows the team to focus on offering cost effective and long lasting telly repairs for Dursley in Gloucestershire.

LG TV Repairs Dursley

Efficient LG TV repairs Dursley, Gloucestershire and the whole of the United Kingdom. Collection and delivery of your faulty LG television in Dursley will be arranged at a time to suit your busy schedule.

Once your TV has been picked up it will transported to a purpose built service centre where TV repairers will effectively examine and repair your LG TV problem. The staff are very helpful and they are pleased to answer any queries that you might have.

Arrange your LG TV repair for Dursley by completing the online form and the team will get back to you about LG television repair Dursley Gloucestershire. Alternative please call the UK based repair centre today.

Customers should be aware that a faulty LG TV screen in Dursley is not worth fixing or replacing.

LG TV repair Dursley

LG Television Repairs Dursley in Gloucestershire

Do you have a problem with your LG TV in Dursley?

The staff offer a prompt, affordable solution to getting your LG TV in Dursley repaired. The television is collected from your property and transported to a purpose built service centre covering Gloucestershire.

This ensures an accurate diagnosis of your television problem can be undertaken alongside a professional TV repair using industry repair equipment and appropriate parts where required.

The TV repairers cover most LG TV types including:

• 4K
• Plasma
• 3D

Most LG TV models can be repaired (subject to parts being in stock and the age of the TV set).

Common LG TV problems repaired by the staff for consumers and trade services in Dursley include:

• LG TV not connecting to internet
• Switching on and off
• Not turning on
• No hdmi signal
• Stuck on standby mode
• Blinking lights
• Buzzing or clicking sound
• Buttons not working
• No sound or picture

These are just some of the faults with LG televisions that can be repaired at a low cost. A warranty covering parts replaced is included as well.

Get your LG TV repaired by the professionals. Just complete the LG form with your contact details and a brief description of the TV problem. The customer service advisers shall get back to you shortly with more information about getting your LG TV in Dursley repaired.

Recent Enquires

lg tv screen keeps turning off sound remains comes back on after few minutes when turned back on.


lg 50 plasma. made loud pop noise and now screen wont turn on. standby light still shows red when off and blue when on but no screen. assume this is a backlight problem.


lg tv wall mounted - screen has gone blank although sound still on - help nearly school holidays!!


lg tv tv on standby but will not turn on.


lg 42 tv. couldnt switch on and funny noise coming out of it like ticking. please text me as am deaf


hi I have a second hand 42 lg lcd tv that I was told didnt work. I was just hoping someone would be able to fix it. when I turn it on it makes the normal continuous high pitch sound but there is no picture at all. it wont change from standby. not even a colour change on the screen or a message saying no signal it also makes a clicking sound. its quite well used and the reason they gave it away was because of these problems. would you be able to give me a quote on how much it may be to fix it or is it a lost cause thanks.


it`s an lg model no: 42lg3000-za there is no picture or sound. looks as though tv is switched on as the stanby light goes blue, also tv is registering the remote as the light flashes when using it.


22lg3000 it has a solid white screen and will not do anything


on an lg 32lx2r lcd tv. image has blue tint and no red colouring, but when the brightness is turned down to a certain point, the entire screen gains a red tint.


lg 42lk45ou zh the tele turns on but after a few seconds turns off and keeps repeating this


we have an lg 48 plasm tv and the unit will not switch on


lg lm4620tdrink spilt over screen. tv comes on with sound but no picture.