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My LG TV in Dordon is taking ages to switch on?

A faulty power supply and more specifically the resistors is a frequent reason for this fault. Untrained personnel should not have a go at repair due to the high voltage components. The staff offer LG TV repairs Dordon for this issue and more.

How much will LG TV repair Dordon cost?

It depends upon the model, age, type of defect and availability of apporiate parts for LG TV repair Dordon in West Midlands by collection and delivery to a dedicated workshop. An accurate quote is given upon initial inspection.

Does the repair centre sell or buy LG televisions from Dordon?

The team does not buy or sell LG TVs or spare parts.

This ensures quality control and allows the team to focus on offering economical and resilient television repairs for Dordon in West Midlands.

LG TV Repairs Dordon

Efficient LG TV repairs Dordon, West Midlands and the whole of the country. Collection and delivery of your damaged LG television in Dordon will be arranged at a time to fit around your busy schedule.

Once your TV has been picked up it will transported to a modern service centre where TV repairers will effectively examine and repair your LG TV problem. The staff are very customer focused and they are more than willing to answer any questions that you might have.

Arrange your LG TV repair for Dordon by using the online form and the team will get back to you regarding LG television repair Dordon West Midlands. Alternative please phone the UK based repair centre today.

Customers should be aware that a broken LG TV screen in Dordon is not worth fixing or replacing.

LG TV repair Dordon

LG Television Repairs Dordon in West Midlands

Do you have a fault with your LG TV in Dordon?

The staff offer a prompt, cost effective solution to getting your LG TV in Dordon repaired. The television is picked up from your premises and transported to a large service centre covering West Midlands.

This ensures an accurate diagnosis of your television problem can be undertaken alongside a professional TV repair using modern repair equipment and suitable parts where necessary.

The TV repairers cover most LG TV types including:

• 3D
• Plasma
• 4K

Most LG TV models can be serviced (subject to parts being in stock and the age of the TV set).

Common LG TV problems repaired by the staff for homes and businesses in Dordon include:

• No sound or picture
• Buttons not working
• Buzzing or clicking sound
• Blinking lights
• Stuck on standby mode
• No hdmi signal
• Not turning on
• Switching on and off
• LG TV not connecting to internet

These are just some of the issues with LG televisions that can be repaired at a low cost. A warranty covering parts replaced is included as well.

Get your LG TV serviced by the professionals. Simply complete the LG form with your contact details and a brief summary of the TV issue. The customer service advisers shall get back to you shortly with more information about getting your LG TV in Dordon repaired.

Recent Enquires

no picture or sound muti coloured screenlg 50pc1da


50 inch plasma lg. the tv keeps trying to turn on. I think the power capacitor have blown so not enough power is getting to main board. how much would it be to replace these.thanksmudassar


lg 37lc2db loud static noises when switched on slow for picture to come up and delayed on off response


we have a year old 55um7400plb that is just days out of warranty. I think there maybe issues with the backlight. we have a blank screen, not even the setting menu will come up, but we do seem to have audio as you can hear netflix start up when you press the button on the remote. i`ve tried to go to lg direct but they`re not very good at coming back to me and it`s likely to be chargeable anyway. we have switched it off via the socket, removed all the external sources and then powered it up again (it was left off overnight) and still a blank screen. we have also tried lg`s torch test but get nothing. can you tell me what the charges are for fixing please? serial number is 910maqqa0684.


lg 32lh3000 zano picture just blue screen but the sound is coming through ok


model lg 50ps3000 plasma b1 switch on then it turns it self off straight awayblue stand by light flashes.


lg 4c1dasound but no picture.


suddenly lost picture on lg flatscreen. not sure if backlight issue but I think I have seen some small movement on the screen but screen is too dark to be able to tell properly.tried unplugging and following instructions from online searches but due to the dark screen, I cant change any settings on the unit.


lg 32lc56 tv wont turn on. red power light present but will not switch on. sometimes flashes green then turns itself off completely or goes directly off from red standby light. can you give me an estimate of cost to repair.


lg 36 inch ld450 model screen scratched in move can it replacedthanksdean


hi I have a lg plasma 48 inch tv its about 6 years old. when trying to turn it on it seems as if the starter doesnt work first time and it clicks off then on then off etc. it will come on after a few attempts but its slowly getting worse. is there anything you can do to help me


hi i`m hoping you can help me.both of the hdmi ports on my lg 42lb5500 tv are only transmitting sound, but no picture. it occurs even when using different cables, and the devices work fine with other tvs. they have also in the past temporarily only transmitted picture, but no sound. is this something you can fix? if so, do you have an approximate price for the repair?thank you!