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Finlux TV Repairs

Prompt Finlux television repairs from professionals in your surrounding area.

Each TV repair comes with a post repair warranty for extra peace of mind.

Professional Finlux TV repairs are completed using compatible parts and the best repair processes.

To obtain a Finlux TV repair, just complete the online form. The team shall get in touch shortly by phone or email during business hours.

Finlux TV screens are not economical to replace or repair for customers.

Finlux TV repair

Finlux Television Repairs

If you're looking Finlux television repairs at reasonable prices then can help with a prompt and reliable service.

Getting your television repaired is a smart decision for any homeowner or business looking to save money and time and its kinder to the environment as its not ending up in a landfill site.

Finlux television repairs covers a range of different TV types including:

• 3D TVs

Most TV models can be economically maintained which is subject to the initial inspection and appropriate parts being obtainable.

Some issues with Finlux televisions include:

• Flashing lights
• Stuck on standby mode
• Not responding to controls
• Picture but no sound
• No sound but picture
• Poor picture quality
• Randomly switching on and off
• Not turning on

For additional peace of mind a warranty is included as well for Finlux television repairs .

A customer focused approach is taken with the out of warranty service being offered and the team are more than happy to answer any questions that you might have regarding Finlux TV repairs .

To enquire about a Finlux TV repair, just contact the reliable team with the online form or phone the number provided.


Where can I find the model number of my Finlux TV?

you can normally find the tv model on your instruction manual or the back of the tv. knowing your tv model will assist the professionals in quickly obtaining high grade parts finlux tv repair services.

Are Finlux TV repairs completed onsite?

where possible the team carry out finlux tv at your home for simple issues e.g. tuning or perhaps software updates. in most, finlux television repairs are provided via a collection and delivery service.

How much will a Finlux TV repair cost?

it depends upon the model, screen size and age of your television as this determine the supply of spare parts and the difficulty of the repair work required. the staff aim to make finlux tv repair affordable.

Recent Enquires

finlux 50fme242b-t led smart tv. the screen suddenly went off while I was watching television. with doing a bit of research, I have managed to get replacement parts for the t-con board and power board but these have not solved the problem. with looking at the power board I think the led inverter is within that board but not x the leds work for the backlight when turned on but then go off after 1/2 seconds and it appears the menu screen appears when the tv is on but you need to point a torch at it which is why I thought it was the backlight inverter.the only board that hasn`t been changed is the main board. I was just wondering how much it would cost to diagnose the problem and fix as the tv is not worth that much and I have spent money on parts to try and repair it. many thanks. any questions you can call me. tim


finluxmodel 32f ld905hu32 inch tv.i switched the tv on and it made a popping noise and now has no power to itand the stand by light does not come on were abouts are you in preston.thanks brett.


smart finlux hdmi tv my son threw a soft ball at the tv and it€™s left a spider web still watchable just lines going through tele.


finlux 50f8090 t problem one of the grandchildren hit the screen with a wii remote screen not broke but no picture just some coloured lines