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Bang & Olufsen TV Repairs

Professional Bang & Olufsen TV repairs at your premises where possible.

The technicians have the necessary expertise and tools to repair most Bang & Olufsen TVs on the market (subject to availability of parts).

Bang & Olufsen TV repairs are completed to a professional standard by the independent repair centres.

The approachable team are upfront about TV repairs and a service will only be offered if the repair is cost-effective.

Scheduling your Bang and Olufsen TV repair is fast and straightforward - simply leave an enquiry with your contact details and a small description of the fault for a fast reply back from the specialists.

The staff don't repair or replace Bang & Olufsen TV screens as it is not cost-effective to do so.

Bang & Olufsen TV repair

Bang & Olufsen Television Repair

Here at we aim to provide Bang & Olufsen TV repairs for consumers and trade clients which are fast and affordable.

Where possible the team aim to offer an onsite TV repair service but the more complex jobs will be completed at a dedicated repair centre.

The team understand that Bang & Olufsen has a reputation for build quality combined with terrific visuals and sounds.

As such each television repair is done to a reliable standard.

The technicians take their time in identifying the fault before servicing it with high quality parts and tools for resilient and reliable Bang & Olufsen TV repairs.

In most cases the professionals are able to service most Bang & Olufsen TVs including the popular BeoVision and BeoCenter series.

Common Bang & Olufsen TV repairs customers include:

• No picture
• No sound
• Not turning on
• Controls not working
• Poor picture quality
• Poor sound quality
• Stuck on standby
• Randomly switching channels

Most other TV issues can be resolved by the team at an affordable cost as well.

If your Bang & Olufsen television at any time falls below the high standards you demand, the team will restore old and new televisions to a working condition again.

To make an enquiry in regards to Bang & Olufsen TV repair , please phone the team or email them using the website form provided.


How long could Bang & Olufsen repairs take to finish?

a common question asked by clients and understandably so as you want your tv repaired in the quickest time possible. the variety of factors can influence repair times including (but not restricted to) age of the television, model and the requirement for parts replacement. a complete cost breakdown can only be provided upon a full inspection by the knowledgeable staff.

Can the team repair other Bang & Olufsen equipment ?

as dedicated tv repair providers, the team only repairs bang & olufsen televisions. the staff offering tv repairs by onsite and collection and delivery methods are not affiliated with bang & olufsen.

Are Bang and Olufsen TV repairs affordable?

most bang & olufsen television sets can be repaired at an affordable cost. buying a brand new television can be both a lengthy and expensive process in comparison to a tv repair. customers should be aware however that water and screen damage is not worth fixing.

Recent Enquires

i have a beovision avant tv that is not working, light consumes on but no picture serial number 14772514type 84/23can this be repaired.regards


beovision 9 mk2center speaker comes on but then will randomly stop at some point code be on for hours!! ( no sound) it`s part of a x set up..... some times it`s fine no issues.. intermittent


beovision lx5000 keeps turning itself to standby when used.


beovision 7 - 40 type. no. x item no. x serial no.22111840 access dvd dhd over a no. of weeks we have experienced the picture going off blank but the sound remains we would switch off and leave for a few mins and then switch back on at the mains it would reboot until this evening whereby both the picture and sound both went off switched off left for a few mins and tried to reboot but nothing happened it sames or we couldn`t hear it reboot but the channel indicator came on but nothing else also the dvd wouldn`t open up. your assistance and costs to come out and check the unit out and cost to repair would be appreciated asapkind regards john haworth